Conference and Event Planning
Training Development and Delivery
HR and Workforce Initiative Consulting


  • Provide site selection and hotel negotiation services to the planning committee – presenting a minimum of 3 options.

  • Facilitate and or attend meetings for the planning, coordination and management of the conference.

  • Work with the organization to develop budget and agenda to ensure workshops, plenary, and any special events meet the goals of the organization.

  • Establish and manage the conference bank account to process all registration fees.

  • Prepare and manage the conference registration website which includes all program information.

  • Provide registration services to all attendees through website, fax and telephone.

  • Collect all fees associated with the conference and pay bills for conference expenses.

  • Manage workshop and plenary presenter needs.

  • Ensure all audio visual and conference materials are prepared and procured in the most cost effective way for the agency.

  • Coordinate and procure all conference premiums and materials.

  • Full graphic design services available.

  • Ensure all VIPs are provided with necessary arrangements.

  • Ensure appropriate arrangements are made for attendees with special needs.

  • Provide reporting capabilities to the organization including registration reports and regular status updates.


  • Establish and manage the registration area, coordinate any volunteer and support staff, and administer onsite registration for the event.

  • Work with Audio Visual vendor to ensure all plenary, event and workshop session needs are met.

  • Ensure all onsite logistics for workshops, plenary and other special events are coordinated and managed in a professional manner.(includes room sets, hotel signage, audio visual).

  • Coordinate and assist with all speakers, workshop presenters and entertainment.

  • Provide nametags for all attendees along with all other conference materials.

Post Event

  • Monitor and manage all conference accounts in a timely manner. Ensure vendors are paid and all fees are collected.

  • Send out an electronic overall evaluation for the conference and prepare a written report with feedback for the organization.

  • Collect any other evaluations that are required by the organization.

  • Provide the agency with an attendee database in Microsoft Excel format.

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