Successful Outcomes

AK Consulting Group's driving goal is to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Whether your organization needs a large-scale conference planned from venue selection to onsite management services or facilitation of a strategic planning session, AK Consulting Group will enthusiastically and effectively provide expert consultation and services that will strengthen your mission.


The success of our team hinges on client satisfaction. AK Consulting Group will work cooperatively with your team, answer your questions, provide insight, guide, identify solutions, and meet challenges head-on. We work hard and we do it with a smile! We also understand that change is part of the process and as a result maintain a flexible and adaptable planning, development and execution philosophy.

Team Approach

AK Consulting Group believes that the best outcomes are achieved by working hand-in-hand with our clients. As project management experts, we understand the importance of ongoing communication throughout the lifespan of a project. We seek your professional insight and input during decision-making, planning, development and revision processes. We provide conference planning, training and human resource expertise, while deferring to your knowledge of organizational culture, policy and practices.